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Welcome to Search Engine Wiki. Our aim is to be your online public library for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) resources.

Ms Parker, our resident librarian

Some of our most popular wiki resources include:

  • Lists of international search engines categorized by country, type and industry
  • A glossary of definitions for common terms used in SEO, PPC and SEM
  • An extensive library of search engine marketing articles
  • Employment resources where you can find SEO, PPC and SEM jobs
  • A collection of popular search engine marketing blogs and newsfeeds
  • Frequently Asked Questions about search engines and SEM
  • A list of popular search engine marketing tools and time saving software
  • Links to upcoming search industry conferences and events
  • Introductions to well known search industry personalities

Plus a large variety of other resources relating to the exciting and fast-paced world of Search Engine Marketing. We've been compiling these resources for over 16 years now and we've decided to share them all with the public in the form of a collaborative wiki. This means that YOU can become an editor and add your own favorite resources.

If you want to help develop these resources or add a resource for inclusion, you can register as a wiki editor. If you have general feedback for us, you can contact us and send us your suggestions.

Happy browsing and sssshhhh . . . remember to keep the noise down or be scolded by our resident librarian, Ms Parker.


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